NJSR vol 11:1

Nordic Journal of Surveying and Real Estate Research 11:1 (2016)

This issue was supported by

National Land Survey of Finland

Published online 8 Feb 2016

Jointly Owned Forests and Forest Land Consolidation – Increasing the Stand Size in Fragmented Areas
Karin Kolis
Article (pdf)
Keywords: Land fragmentation, rural development, land tenure, forestry, private property, common property

Lessor’s Status in Land Consolidation in Finland
Kimmo Sulonen and Seija Kotilainen
Article (pdf)

Keywords: Lessor, landowner, leaseholder, land consolidation, survey study

Land Consolidation and the Value of Rural Cultural Landscape
Saija Ettanen and Arvo Vitikainen
Article (pdf)

Keywords: Cultural landscape, land consolidation, land division, landscape analysis, value of cultural landscape

Does Independent Appraisal Provide Added Value?
Roni Laakso
Article (pdf)

Keywords: Investment property, property appraisal, fair value, IAS 40, REIT, real estate investment trust, NAV discount, net asset value discount, external appraisal, value relevance